Harnessing Liberia’s Youth Opportunity

60% under the age of 35. We have a massive opportunity!

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Our Mission

To equip promising young Liberians with the skills and opportunities to create social change and lead meaningful lives.

Here’s how we achieve this mission:

We are creating Changemakers Village – Liberia’s first social change hub to train and equip promising young Liberians with the technological and entrepreneurial skills, tools, and networking opportunities to create jobs and wide-scale social change in their communities. The space will focus on technology, entrepreneurship, and education advancement.

Our Programs


Preparing top performing students for quality educational opportunities.

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Tech for
Social Impact

Training young Liberians to solve real world issues with code while creating jobs.

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Training and connecting young Liberians to decent jobs.

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Empowering local young women entrepreneurs to run successful ventures.

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Our Impact

We empower aspiring young Liberians to lead and create change.Their stories inspire the work we do.

Aspire + Empower = Impact

This is how we create change in Liberia.

Featured Stories

Klon Hinneh

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Klon is one of the first few students who joined us as a volunteer in 2012. Passionate about STEM education, Klon took advantage of every opportunity to develop his passion into something that impacts others. From developing curriculums, to teaching Chemistry in the classroom; improving his Excel and communication skills, we worked with Klon in several areas to advance his passion. Klon is currently pursuing his masters at the prestigious Kyoto University in Japan and is poised to return home to improve STEM programs for other young people.

Satta Wahab

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Satta also joined us in 2012 as a volunteer. She was in high school back then, but very passionate about empowering young girls to dream and pursue their dreams. Through our programs, Satta has been able to transform her passion into a reality. Today, after some six years, Satta has launched a natural hair product company to empower young women to feel and be beautiful. Not only is she creating economic value, she is challenging stereotypes and creating a path for other young women to follow.

Sekou Jabateh

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Sekou Jabateh, 18, graduated valedictorian from Muslim Congress High School. Sekou was the first Liberian student to participate in the Yale Young African Scholars Program. He wants to study Business Administration and Leadership. He plans to lift Liberia by creating businesses and an incubation platform for young people. Through the Lift Liberia Scholars Program, Sekou is on track to be the first in his family to attend college. He will be joining other students at NYU Abu Dhabi this Fall on a full scholarship.

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