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We develop innovative, youth-driven solutions to empower Liberian Youth to be change-leaders in their communities and beyond.


We envision a Liberia where well-educated, entrepreneurial, passionate, and values-driven young leaders are connected and positioned to drive change across Liberia and beyond.

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Our Approach

We identify aspiring young leaders. Create the space to equip them with the skills and opportunities to create social change and lead meaningful lives. Curate intentional programs to enable them create impact.

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Our Team

Marvin Tarawally

Executive Director

Marvin R. Tarawally is a recent graduate of Babson College where he studied Strategic Management and Global/regional studies. He is a graduate of the African Leadership Academy, a school dedicated to developing the next generation of African leaders. He is passionate about education reforms and creating opportunities through which young people can develop and achieve their dreams. He believes entrepreneurship will drive economic development and rebuild communities across Africa. Marvin was influenced by his experience of the civil war in Liberia to dedicate his career to the service of young people in Africa and around the world. Marvin envisions a society in which education and entrepreneurship enables every young person to become better, well equipped individuals, who will grow to make meaningful impact on their communities. Marvin is a 2012 British Council Global Changemaker, a Global Scholar at Babson College, a StartingBloc Social Innovation Fellow and a 2016 Forbes 30 Under 30 Summiteer.

Ahmed K. Konneh

Co-founder, International Partnerships

Ahmed K. Konneh is a co-founder at SMART Liberia. He currently Studies at African Leadership University in Mauritius and is a former honor Scholar of the University of Liberia’s Lux in Tenebris Scholars program. He is passionate about Education, Youth Development and Social Entrepreneurship.

James E. Kiawoin

Chief Strategist

James has worked on youth empowerment programs with a focus on leadership development through sports in three countries. James is passionate about evidence-based public policy and intervention and has over six years of work experience across government, nonprofit and political campaigns. His previous employers include Last Mile Health, the Government of Liberia, Youth Action International, the Mandela Institute for Development Studies, and the YMCA. James holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Colorado College (magna cum laude) and is a graduate student at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. James is a Public Policy and International Affairs Fellow, a member of the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance and an inaugural graduate of the African Leadership Academy.

Louvette Neal

Louvette C. Neal is a compassionately spirited change-maker with two years of experience in education. Ms. Neal is a science enthusiast and a graduate of the Mercer University, where she studied Global Health. This path was inspired by her passion to be a part of the solution and prevention process of several health problems in Liberia. After her studies, Ms. Neal returned to fulfill her scholarship commitment at Ricks Institute, with the urge and hope to work towards her dreams of impacting the lives of Liberians. For the past two years, she’s been teaching Language Arts and mentoring a group of 20 students. In addition to teaching at Ricks, she worked with Face Africa on a WASH (water and sanitation) project in River Cess County, and currently serves as Program Coordinator for SMART Liberia’s Girls Entrepreneur and Tech Program. Ms. Neal is now looking forward to explore career opportunities in the public health sector to help vulnerable communities live healthy and happy lives.

Gerald Hodges

Director of Programs

Gerald is an Educational Social Entrepreneur with five years of experience devoting his time helping his peers realize their full potential and become agents of change. He has volunteered and worked with local and international organizations including: Population Services International, AIESEC Liberia, and the Monrovia Hub of Global Shapers. Gerald is also the Founder of Mentor for Development in Liberia – an organization committed to provide Liberian youth with mentors, skills, and opportunities to enable them find or create employment, while becoming socially responsible citizens. Gerald believes in a world where everyone flourishes. Therefore, he is committed to developing and implementing solutions that empower people and fight poverty. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Management from the Stella Maris Polytechnic, and a certificate in Entrepreneurship and Transformative Action from Watson University. Gerald is a Watson Scholar and a Resolution Fellow.

Lucy Sherman

Interim Program Manager, Employment Accelerator

An alumnus of the University of Tampa, Lucy R. Sherman holds a Bachelor of Arts honors degree in Communication, and three Associate of Arts in Advertising, Public Relations, and Women’s Studies. Sherman has dedicated her life to advocating for women, youth, and all those marginalized and labeled as “the other” on a global scale. She believes in inclusivity as social and economic developments cannot be fully effective without collective efforts. She is a Presidential Scholar, a member of the 2017 University of Tampa delegation at the Harvard National Model United Nations, and a member of the Phi Eta Sigma Honors Society.

Abraham Barry

Program Manager, Education Advancement

Abraham is currently a senior student at the university of Liberia where he studies Mining Engineering. Having had the experience of being a student at every level in Liberia has awoken within him the desire to be part of the change everyone so desperately demands.At the University of Liberia, Abraham is a Lux-In- Tenebris Honor Scholar and a USAID EHELD Scholar, but beyond all his talents in the classroom he also displays remarkable leadership skills and abilities. He planned, organized, and implemented the first ever Intercollegiate debate competition at the university. He also serves as a member of the leadership committee of the university’s honors program. Abraham’s first encounter with SMART Liberia was during the summer vacation of 2014. He visited the office once and he knew he was home. He was surrounded by so many passionate, brilliant and young Liberians who were doing all they could to make tomorrow slightly better than today, day after day. He too wanted a chance to make some difference. Over the years he has worked on several of SMARTLIBERIA’S initiatives and those moments remains some of his proudest.

Dieudonne Perry

Director of Communications

Dieudonne is a prospective graduate of the university of Liberia,earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Chemistry. Dieudonne is a well-rounded fellow who believes in youth empowerment and is passionate about contributing to the creation of a world of opportunities in which aspiring young people can achieve their dreams without been labelled. Dieudonne has worked on series of youth empowerment programs with prime emphasis on education and leadership development. Dieudonne is a certified servant leader and has a high level of experience in youth volunteerism. Dieudonne believes in the expression of self and he freely expresses himself in a number of ways including music and poetry. Dieudonne is a 2015 Alumnus of Ignite the Youth Africa, an international platform provided to ascertain the views and voices of young africans on diverse issues. Dieudonne is a member of the YALI network; He is a certified Youth Activist registered with the International Panel registry of Activists.

Shari Raji

Program Assistant, Employment Accelerator

Shari L. O. Raji is a recent graduate of The National University of Malaysia with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree (with honors). She was a Sime Darby Excellence Scholar and currently works as a mechanical engineer with Sime Darby Plantation Liberia. She is also a program assistant of SMART Liberia’s Employment Accelerator Program. Shari has a driving desire to impact lives positively and strongly believes that by uplifting the youth, the future of the country and the world brightens. Shari has been involved in a myriad of programs and endeavours that focus on youth empowerment and education as well as helping the less fortunate. These programs range from giving a Mechanical Engineering career talk in order to motivate young, less fortunate girls and boys to aim high to helping organize a cycling for charity event for orphans. She believes that a world where people are provided with platforms and means by which they can better themselves is as close to utopia as we can get, therefore she is constantly working towards making this a reality

Jonathan Clarke

Volunteer Accountant/Admin Assistant

Jonathan M. Clarke is a senior student at the University of Liberia. He studies Business Management and Accounting. He hold series of certificates in Financial Planning, Financial Management, Banking and Finance, and Budgeting from Open2Study University in Australia, Alison free online course and SWALL Accounting Liberia. He’s passionate about creating a prosperous future of Liberia in giving back to his community. 2008 national delegate of Kentucky youth project in Liberia, UL Pire African Center on General Health Program (GHP). Jonathan believes it’s time when this generation can meaningfully contribute to the transformation drive of Liberia and Africa through the means of tourism. This gained Jonathan recognition on campus and a whole range of ideas to solve some of those pressing problems youth are faced with in Liberia. Jonathan is an optimist. He believes the future is bright, even in the worse days in Liberia.

Napoleon Weah

Volunteer, Technical Support

Napoleon Maxwell Weah is a Liberian youth who has the passion to transform the lives of young people through education support.Napoleon is a recent graduate of Addo Mills International School System (AMISS). He has passion for volunteerism, and has been doing so over the last four years with Omax International, William Technology Institute, and currently SMART Liberia. Napoleon currently studies System Administration at the Starz College of Science & Technology. Napoleon is a talented soccer player who has played in the national League for three (3) years period.

Ansumana Konneh

Volunteer, Communications

Ansumana Konneh is a 2016 Academic House of Fame graduate of the AGM High School. He’s passionate about inspiring his peers to lead change in Liberia. He believes in change, empowerment, and innovation as a means of creating socio-economic transformation across Liberia. Ansumana believes entrepreneurship and strengthening the Justice system can lead to long-term economic and social transformation in Liberia’s national fabric.He has a Certificate of Achievement in Negotiations and Conflict Resolution from Open2Study. Before joining SMART Liberia, he served as the General Secretary of the Montserrado County Students Union -and voluntarily assisted the office of the President of the Liberia National Students Union. Ansumana Konneh is a passionate about inspiring his peers to lead change in Liberia.He believes change,empowerment and innovation as a means of creating socio-economic transformations.

Our Board of Directors

Mahmud Johnson
Henry Saamoi
Marvin R. Tarawally
Lakshmi Moore
Patrice Juah
Jamal C. Dehtho
Monique Cooper-Liverpool

Our Board of Advisors

Jacob Donnelly
Raj Panjabi
Dennis Hanno
Elizabeth Swanson
Raja Kaul
Kristin Caspar
Deborah Harding
George Werner
Cassie Fuenmayor