Impact Stories

Stories from the next generation Liberian leaders. Their stories inspire the work we do.

Klon Hinneh

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Klon is one of the first few students who joined us as a volunteer in 2012. Passionate about STEM education, Klon took advantage of every opportunity to develop his passion into something that impacts others. From developing curriculums, to teaching Chemistry in the classroom; improving his Excel and communication skills, we worked with Klon in several areas to advance his passion. Klon is currently pursuing his masters at the prestigious Kyoto University in Japan and is poised to return home to improve STEM programs for other young people.

Satta Wahab

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Satta also joined us in 2012 as a volunteer. She was in high school back then, but very passionate about empowering young girls to dream and pursue their dreams. Through our programs, Satta has been able to transform her passion into a reality. Today, after some six years, Satta has launched a natural hair product company to empower young women to feel and be beautiful. Not only is she creating economic value, she is challenging stereotypes and creating a path for other young women to follow.

Sekou Jabateh

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Sekou Jabateh, 18, graduated valedictorian from Muslim Congress High School. Sekou was the first Liberian student to participate in the Yale Young African Scholars Program. He wants to study Business Administration and Leadership. He plans to lift Liberia by creating businesses and an incubation platform for young people. Through the Lift Liberia Scholars Program, Sekou is on track to be the first in his family to attend college. He will be joining other students at NYU Abu Dhabi this Fall on a full scholarship.

Cherno Diallo

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Growing up, my thirst for quality education was as vital as the need for drinking water. Luckily, along with this journey, appeared to me from nowhere was SMART Liberia – an organization committed to empowering a generation that will lift Liberia into a prosperous future. Subsequently, SMART Liberia fueled next course that gets me going all along.

On the final day of a workshop through a good friend’s invitation which I’m grateful of; a facilitator who I knew from nowhere walked to me and said “You look interesting and promising, here is my number. Can you go to my office tomorrow? While at the office he got me informed about the African Leadership Academy. As he promised, I received every support one could need for such a rigorous application. Later on, I got to know that he serves as the Director of SMART Liberia – the organization I personally feel became a breakthrough in my life and smoothly enhanced my academics sojourn. With God above all, SMART Liberia enabled me to join a community of thoughtful and dedicated change-makers – The African Leadership Academy – that challenges my thought and motivates me on a daily basis.

Rachlee Leeway

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I am Reachlee Wonseh Leeway, 21 years and the Founder and CEO of Wonseh Designs, a Liberian clothing brand founded in 2016. Wonseh is my middle name in Gio (my tribe) means, “Good News”. Our brand seeks to inspire Liberians; most especially youth to embrace our culture by including African prints in our everyday lives. Additionally, I am a senior student at the Stella Maris Polytechnic majoring Agriculture, and work at the Ministry Agriculture where I serve as a Fishery Monitor. I love singing, dancing and basketball.

Simone Witherspoon

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I am a Junior student studying General Agriculture at the University of Liberia. I also work with The Carter Center Mental Health Program as a Health Assistant at one of the school based clinics.The Word is a clothing brand founded on the belief that words have the power to influence lives. Our mission is to use positive words and arts on their T-shirt to help our customers express themselves and inspire others through what they wear.The Word Inc is a company whose main focus is allowing people express themselves through what they wear. Words and arts have the power to effect one live and the lives of others both negatively or positively.

Serina Chaya

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Serina Chaya is a crochet designer whose dream is to bring back the old fashion crochet into the modern fashion world in Liberia.Upon her graduation from high school, her mother started to teach her how to crochet – a skill she had in turn learned from her aunt (Serina’s grandaunt). Serina, already in love with fashion, decided to explore different crochet styles and designs like swimsuits, bags, sandals, etc. Serina learned how to crochet in one day, and made her first bikini top. She then made bikini suits and bare foot sandals. In 2016, she signed up to have her crochet designs showcased during the Monrovia Fashion week, which gained a lot of traction.She later decided to start making deliveries and sales of her work. Now her goal is to expand her business and ideas by getting others that she can teach and work with to open a fashion house.